Soaring sales –

Please READ –Each student will need to pick one of these activities.  The whole concept is to raise money!

Staffs use innovative methods to sell more yearbooks

The young lady singing the praises of yearbook was highly enthusiastic and oddly familiar. Students watched in amazement as the wild and crazy gal made a very convincing case for buying a copy of the 1999 yearbook. Broadcasting from the school’s central control room, the extremely popular video infomercial reached every student in every classroom. By the end of the day, everybody was talking about the yearbook and about how cute Brian Thomas looked in a dress and high heels.

This highly innovative sales approach is just one example of how many staffs are successfully marketing their yearbooks. Utilizing a wide variety of creative sales and marketing methods, yearbook staffs are working hard to increase sales and to post annual “buy rates” of between 60 and 80 percent. Numbers like these are impressive, considering the majority of staffs realize sales of 50 percent or less on average.

Whether it is a simple marketing plan based on posters and word of mouth or a more ambitious plan involving a cross-dressing student in a video infomercial, it seems the sales philosophy of each yearbook staff is different. Despite the varying approaches, the goal is always the same: to sell more yearbooks.

“More than anything, I try to instill in my staff the importance of yearbook sales,” Christie Chambers, yearbook adviser at John F. Kennedy High School, La Palma, Calif., said. “Having said that, I must admit our sales philosophy is pretty simple. Basically, we rely on word of mouth. That is, the staff starts spreading some harmless rumors about how great the yearbook is going to be this year. This creates a frenzy and gets the whole school talking about the yearbook. We just plant the seed and watch it grow.”

Besides using the teenage gossip mill to their advantage, she said the staff of the Eternal Flame also relies heavily on reputation to sell their yearbook.

“We’ve been able to piggyback on the success of the last book when it comes to sales,” Chambers, who reports a buy rate of more than 60 percent, said. “We work very hard to produce a product that’s different every year. The reputation of the book alone has helped us sell more each year. Many of the students are thinking ‘I don’t want to miss out; I want a copy of the yearbook.’ They don’t want to be the only one without a copy.”

While Chambers and her staff keep it simple, the yearbook staff at New Palestine High School in Indianapolis employs a more involved sales and marketing plan. The Avalon staff organizes an annual sales week, two major mailers and several other activities involving the entire school and community.

“We do everything we can to promote the idea of buying a yearbook,” Chris Conti, adviser, said. “It’s all about promotion.”

Some of the successful promotional activities at New Palestine have included:

“Chalkboard Blitz” week. Yearbook staff members meet 30 minutes before school starts and fill in a designated section of every chalkboard with a catchy slogan and other important information promoting the yearbook.

“Free Candy” days. Staffers pass out free candy in the halls and commons, using candy-specific slogans to urge students to buy a yearbook. For example, the slogan “Let the Good Times Roll and Don’t Forget ‘Em” is used on Tootsie Roll day, while “Don’t Be a Dum-Dum” is used on Dum-Dum day.

Sales-week video production. A staff-produced video promoting “Buy a Yearbook” and the yearbook theme is shown to the entire school at the beginning of yearbook sales week. Popular students are featured in a “movie-like” production, such as the recent “Mission: Impossible” video.

The Avalon staff has been involved in another effective campaign for selling their yearbook. Each year, the staff has approached the fire department, gas stations and other local businesses about using their marquees to promote the yearbook for a few days or a week at a time. Conti said most of the businesses have been willing to help out.

“This is a great way to get the word out to parents and others in the community,” she said.

Many advisers gave general advice about how their staffs have been able to increase yearbook sales. A common suggestion was to sell yearbooks during registration.

“The staffs that aren’t doing this are really missing out on a great sales opportunity,” Chambers said. “We started selling at registration two years ago and our sales have increased by about 300 books.”

For Lisa Morris and the Cohiscan staff at Connersville High School, Connersville, Ind., yearbook sales at registration is a long-standing tradition.

“We traditionally sell about 500 books during our school’s two registration days in early August,” Morris said. “It really is pretty amazing. The principal sends out a ‘Welcome to School’ letter, simply mentioning that yearbooks will be on sale at registration, and then the parents flock in to hand us money.”

Morris also touched on another philosophy shared by most advisers.

“I really think one of the best ways to increase book sales is to give the students a quality product, full of photos and quotes, which involve the students,” she said. “I’m in my second year here and book sales is something we are still working on. Our first book caught their attention and we quickly sold all our overruns. This year, by the time we sell all our overruns, we will have sold 740 books to about 1,200 students. That’s a 62 percent sales rate.”

Conti agrees that building a reputation of excellence can really make a difference.

“Really, when you boil it all down, our best marketing tool has been we have a better yearbook,” she said. “We’ve built a reputation and it works. The students simply want the yearbook.”

The bottom line for most advisers and staffs, whether they employ a simple sales and marketing plan or one that is more involved, is increasing the yearbook’s visibility within the school and community. This idea was summed up the best by Susie Coleman of Greenfield, Ind., a veteran yearbook adviser who is beginning her first year advising the Catamount staff at Greenfield Central High School.

“You really need to get out there and get in the face of the student body and the community,” Coleman said. “Just be creative and have some fun. That’s really half the battle.”

Here are some suggestions for you to develop. You can either work on the assignments I have developed on the WEB pages or you may choose one of these to work on. This mean you own this fund raiser and it will be up to you to develop it and make money! No money - you fail. It is worth 30% of your final.

Don’t forget the mailings! Organize bulk mailings to students and/or parents of students who have not bought a yearbook. Be creative and make it easy to order. Consider including a coupon with a mailing. Coordinating mailings can be a lot of work, but it is still a sure-fire way of increasing sales.

1. BULK MAILINGS and MARKETING - Who would like the above fund raiser to give to Pat Edwards for the bulletin, the principal,  and the Video academy? (Two person) We should have a weekly advertisement about the Spirit Wall in the new gym.  Ms Legorreta sends out an informational flyer to parents. Make sure we get into that flyer. If you miss a week advertising your grade goes down. Write a detail of your activities for approval.  Must do a PSA for video academy out put monthly

Coupons, coupons, coupons! Offer discount pricing at different intervals throughout the year or during special events. For some people, getting $5 or $10 off the regular price is all the incentive needed.

2. SALES  ON SPECIAL DAYS - Who would like to be in charge of coupons that we can give out to all the advisories? You will need to make the coupons, distribute the coupons and we need a 10% return on the coupons to receive an A. (Two people for this set.) Each month there should be a special coupon. This would include a way to win a yearbook. Win tickets for the Halloween Dance. Write a detail of your activities for approval.

Make an appearance or two! Set up a table at special events, such as the Homecoming football game, Prom dinner, freshmen orientation or parent-teacher nights. Registration and a single sales week is not always enough. Go to the students as often as possible; do not expect them to come to you. Ask people to make donations for the Spirit for the gym.

3. SELLING AT DAYS - We should have a table set up at the games to sell! Like basketball games. So you will set up a schedule and you will need to sell the yearbooks at those venues. (Two people for this assignment but you could ask other people to help you at games.) You will need to sell no less than 50 yearbooks to receive an A. Write a detail of your activities for approval. I will checking on your attendance at these games. 

A photo is worth a lot more sales! Sell extra photos from sporting events and other special activities that are not being used in the yearbook. Put up posters that say “If you like the photo, buy the book!” Rubber stamp each photo with the same sentiment. A great way to make money and increase sales. Or have photographers on assignment hand out cards that say “You’ve been shot. To find out how you fit into the big picture, buy a yearbook!”

4. MAKING T-SHIRTS - Who would like to print out a page and we can make T-Shirts with the design and photos? Perhaps a Senior Page with all your friend’s photos or an activity with friends on the shirts. (Two people for this advertising set) You will need to design and make no less than 25 shirts that you have sold for an A.  You will need to use Publisher or other designs for these activities. You can also print out the page through Edesign. Write a detail of your activities for approval.

The Mother/Daughter Luncheon and Style Show

5. Manzanita Mother Daughter Luncheon. Who would like to organize a mother and daughter luncheon? Need someone to check on the cafeteria on May 1, 2010. See if we can get that area – fix it all up – sell tickets for $10.00 for the luncheon. Open to the whole school and daughter serve the mothers. This will take four people. Call places to get donations for the luncheon. Make a nice invitation. Advertise in the newspaper and Catz News. Start selling NOW. Write a detail of your activities for approval.

Buddy Pictures

Our staff members go to dances and the cafeteria during lunch a couple of times each year and sell “Buddy Pictures.” This is a great income generator, as we do not sell advertisements.

6. Advertise for buddy pictures. Ask all classes to come and take a buddy picture. It would cost a $1.00 and be in the yearbook and also be given to them in one week as a 4x6 picture. Need two people for this also. To receive an A you must take 50 pictures which equals to $50.00. Write a detail of your activities for approval. 

.Fundraising for yearbooks

7. Develop a Pizza night at one of the pizza palaces. Pick a night, Call and verify. Send out advertisements for people to come. The academy that has the most people will win a prize. You must set up two pizza nights and we must make a total of $150 for both. Make all the reservations. Write a detail of your activities for approval. Two people needed.

Creative fund-raisers

8. Sell candy. Call the candy company. Sell candy so we can raise money. Be in charge of getting the candy, tracking people, and depositing the money. Call the company and see how we can get the candy to sell. Keep track of the money that should come in for each box of candy. (Two people for this assignment ) Write a detail of your activities for approval.

Kiss the Pig

9. Organize kiss the pig contest. All boxes for donation go out in FEB. Must be back by March. Get a pig. Sign up for Quad. Advertise. Go to various businesses and ask for a small donation for Mr. Schekman to kiss the pig. Ask to go to Rotary and other organizations. Your goal is to raise $500. You must also check each box in the class rooms every other day to empty and track. Write a detail of your activities for approval. Two people needed

Sell Yearbooks.

10. Start advertising the yearbook. Go to each advisory and ask if people would want to make a deposit onto the yearbook. $5 holds the yearbook. Need to hit all advisories. Should be two people. You will need to go each advisory every other week. Write a detail of your activities for approval. Have flyers ready to give out in each advisory. In one month you should be able to hit all advisories. 

Selling Senior Pages

11. Start advertising to buy a senior page. Tell people how you got one and all they need to do is put down $5.00 to hold it. They have till May to pay it off. Go to each advisory and pump up all seniors to buy a senior page. Should be two people. Show other yearbook senior pages. Must sell 20 senior pages. Walk around and give out the papers that the students will be gluing their pictures on. Make sure you tell them you will also be getting a senior page. Be enthusiastic. Write a detail of your activities for approval.

12. CUSTOM SHIRTS - Color Choices and Displays

Your yearbook shirts should stand out in a crowd. This may mean you choose to go with a bold color for your shirt base, such as something in neon. You may also choose to go with your school colors (or at least one of them) in order to promote your school spirit. A third option is to align the color of the T-shirts with the color of the yearbook. This will give a little yearbook preview to the students who see the shirts.

When your staffers get their T-shirts, they should wear them all together. While you should encourage staffers to wear their shirts any time (and as often as they would like), it is also a good idea to plan "staff shirt days" on a regular basis. Have your staffers wear their shirts on the same day to make a bold statement and attract the attention of the rest of the school. Consider wearing T-shirts once per week, or on certain days of the month.

What you choose to put in your yearbook will identify who you were at the time that the yearbook was printed, whether it is in grade school, college or as a part of an organization as an adult. One of the best ways to note your beliefs and attitudes at the time of yearbook printing is to put a poem in your yearbook. Poems are personal writings that can give insight not only into the person who wrote it, but also the person who closely identifies with it.

Set up a special day for all yearbook staffers to wear a T shirt with their own page on it. Pick a special day that we can get a band in the quad and we make a little event about it. Give out raffle prizes and other fun stuff. Make sure everyone from yearbook has brought in a t shirt – yellow, white or black and they all are wearing the shirt that day for a celebration – like that the yearbook is coming soon put your deposit it on it now. You must have a set time for this activity, you must have everyone bring in the shirts, you must produce the shirts for this activity, and you must reserve and have a band, etc for this fun Manzanita Day! We must sell 25 yearbooks and get orders on pictures of the students they would want. Write a detail of your activities for approval. Two people needed.

13. Writing Your Own Poem Contest. for the Pippins.

The most personal way to include a poem in your yearbook is to write your own. A poem can be about anything, though the most popular for inclusion in a yearbook is a poem about the possibilities of the future. As you are thinking about your yearbook, think about your feelings right then in that moment. What do you want to accomplish? What are your hopes, dreams for the future? How does the situation for which the yearbook is being made, such as high school graduation, make you feel? Write all of these things down as honestly as possible and form them into a poem of any format. Yes you will need to write a poem but you must develop a way to collect poems from students. Make it a game. You will need to collect no less than 25 poems in Spanish or English. You can also contact every teacher to get those poems or short stories. You will need no less than 20 short stories. You will need to have all the poems and short stories before April 15th, 2010 Two people for this assignment.

14. __________________________________________________________

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14. You will need to hit businesses and ask them to be part of this program. We would need four people to work on this assignment



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Dear Potential Clients:


We, the Desktop Publishing class responsible for The Manzanita, our high school yearbook, are seeking your sponsorship.  Your sponsorship will help fund a year book that becomes a local piece of the P legacy.  Your name will show students and those who see the book and your name in additional places where we advertise, that you support our efforts.  We are offering three levels of support:


15. “Free Candy” days. Staffers pass out free candy in the halls and commons, using candy-specific slogans to urge students to buy a yearbook. For example, the slogan “Let the Good Times Roll and Don’t Forget ‘Em” is used on Tootsie Roll day, while “Don’t Be a Dum-Dum” is used on Dum-Dum day. WE NEED TWO PEOPLE.