Correlation and Progression of Business component for BATA
Month Skills Sophomores Instruction   Junior Instruction
August Computer Introduction of Word program   Intermediate  Word use
    Introduction of the PowerPoint program Intermediate  PowerPoint use
Academic Key Business elements Letter and Business forms and structure
  Economic Problem solving Developing communication skills for an office
 Standards - Reading-1.0 Word Analysis, Fluency, and Systematic Vocabulary Development; Key boarding-Level 1-4 - Performance Expectations- Correspondence electronically
  Standards: English- Comprehension and Analysis of Grade-Level-Appropriate Text


September Computer Develop documents in Word   Develop WEB Marketing tool
    Saving and Opening documents in Word Develop HTML language
Saving and Opening documents in PowerPoint Develop WEB page with Word
  FTP development and use
Understanding the internet for research
Academic Identify Business Terms Exploration of Careers in advance technology
  Different Economic systems Investigation of individual educational plans
Worker Productivity Understanding of Global productivity
Identify GNP and GDP Develop of personal success list

Standards- Reading: 1.0 Word Analysis, Fluency, and Systematic Vocabulary Development Social Studies: Social Studies; 11.5 Students analyze the major political, social, economic, technological, and cultural developments of the 1920s.

 Social Studies: 11.4 Students trace the rise of the United States to its role as a world power in the twentieth century.




Month Skills Sophomores Instruction   Junior Instruction
October Computer Formatting Word   Windows structure and versions
    Inserting Graphics E-Commerce
Formatting paragraph HTML programming
Creating bulleted and numbered lists Network development for business use
   Starting a Business
Academic Identify various business's Marketing Environment
  Describe a business cycle Vocabulary builders
Identify different business structures Targeting Markets

 2.0 Reading Comprehension (Focus on Informational 

Consumer Rights
 Writing:1.0 Writing Strategies; Business Standards Achievement Standard: Select and use word processing, desktop publishing, database, spreadsheet, presentation graphics, multimedia, and imaging software and industry- and subject-specific software.
November Computer PowerPoint Presentation   Active Desktop and Display
    Development of Graphics and special effects Customizing Toolbars
Creating tables Editing Start menu
  Adding items to Start menu
Downloading a file via FTP
Email and correspondences
Network for business
Excel Spreadsheets-Basic
Academic Identify reasons for International business Develop spreadsheets for business related plans
  Identify reasons for government Read and comprehend business and marketing in the world market
Identify intervention for business Developing a constructive marketing plan

Standards: Social Studies;  10.4 Students analyze patterns of global change in the era of New Imperialism in at least two of the following regions or countries: Africa, Southeast Asia, China, India, Latin America, and the Philippines. English: Structural Features of Informational Materials
2.1 Analyze the structure and format of functional workplace documents, including the graphics and headers, and explain how authors use the features to achieve their purposes.

Understanding principles of effective communications
Demonstrate etiquette in a business setting



Math: 6.0 Students graph a linear equation and compute the x-and y-intercepts (e.g., graph 2x + 6y = 4). They are also able to sketch the region defined by linear inequality (e.g., they sketch the region defined by 2x + 6y < 4). English: Organization and Focus
1.1 Demonstrate an understanding of the elements of discourse (e.g., purpose, speaker, audience, form) when completing narrative, expository, persuasive, or descriptive writing assignments.




Skills Sophomores Instruction   Junior Instruction
December Computer Microsoft WORD test   Excel enter data
    PowerPoint Test Excel Graphs
Writing examples in Word Editing Excel Worksheets
Editing Word Linking Cells
Developing research papers on Word Excel formulas


Network customizing
Net meetings
  Academic Consumer Research project Write biographical narratives
  Identify the role of the consumer in society Relate a sequence of events and communicate the significant of the events to the audience
Key business terms Locate scenes and incidents in specific places

International Business

Government in a Society

Theme paper on Capitalize-Socialism-communism. Produce legible work that shows accurate spelling and correct use of conventions of punctuation an capitalization

English Standards: 2.2 Prepare a bibliography of reference materials for a report using a variety of consumer, workplace, and public documents. Comprehension and Analysis of Grade-Level-Appropriate Text; 

Understanding Equal opportunities, Affirmative Action, and Sexual Harassments in the Workplace

Standards: Business Performance: On line services; Access, navigate, use on line; Send and receive emails





Month Skills Sophomores Instruction   Junior Instruction
January Computer Internet Research   The Windows Registry
    Use WORD to develop a research paper Essentials of Networking
  The Windows Script Host
Windows Failure Recovery
New Hardware and Downloads
Sharing Files and Printers
Network - Drivers, Protocols, and Redirectories
Browsing work
Network Protocols
Login on to an NT Domain at Startup
Saving in HTML
Animation and HTML
Using Word and Power point advance tools.
  Key components of the stock market Intolerance and injustice as it relates to the work place
Use the internet for investing research tools Writing about the diverse cultural differences in Word
  Gather information, read and compile animated video on injustice.
    Standards; Social Studies; 2.4 Synthesize the content from several sources or works by a single author dealing with a single issue; paraphrase the ideas and connect them to other sources and related topics to demonstrate comprehension.
2.5 Extend ideas presented in primary or secondary sources through original analysis, evaluation, and elaboration. 
  To have students analyze and write about rules of behavior for conflict resolution, procedures for successful integration into the business world with an understanding of all various cultures.

Standards: Social Studies1. Describe the rise of industrial economies and their link to imperialism and colonial-ism (e.g., the role played by national security and strategic advantage; moral issues raised by the search for national hegemony, Social Darwinism, and the missionary impulse; material issues such as land, resources, and technology).

Month Skills Sophomores Instruction   Junior Instruction
February Computer Use of Word for Research papers Offering Resources on the Network
    Editing Word Network Drivers
Creating Envelopes Remote Access
Inserting Special Characters Remote Control
Selecting text to change the attributes for Word File Objects
Applying borders and Shading Multi Media Instructional Production
Navigating in a long document Excel Formulas and Mathematical functions
Header and Footers  
Inserting footnotes  
Academic Identify Steps in planning and Starting a small business Develop a monologue for a talk show or vignette from your group
  Analysis a small business Analysis Children's stories to understand true meanings as it relates to the human interaction
Identify the different components of a small business Speech develop from Martin Luther King, JFK, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandella and Susan B. Anthony.
  Group Cooperative learning sessions
   Standards: 21.0 Students graph quadratic functions and know that their roots are the x-intercepts.



Month Skills Sophomores Instruction   Junior Instruction
March Computer PowerPoint-Navigating a presentation Preparing for business needs.
    Adding text to an outline Microsoft Office User Specialist Certification
Creating and formatting multi-slide presentations I/Addresses
Moving and Sizing Clip Art IRQ Levels
Adding slide presentations ROM address and RAM buffers
Animating text Your monitors display setting
Expanding slides Windows CE
Animating slides with sound Multimedia Extensions.
Setting Action Buttons  Understanding the Work experience 
Creating Note pages  Developing Resume designs
Preparing to pass the Ladders Test  
Academic Career Assessments Understanding economic problems
  Career Paths Understanding Decision Making Process
Different learning and personally styles Understand Principles of effective interpersonal skills
Matching Goals to careers Conflict resolution
Career Assessment testing Understand the importance of good academic skills

Standards: English;  2.6 Demonstrate use of sophisticated learning tools by following technical directions (e.g., those found with graphic calculators and specialized software programs and in access guides to World Wide Web sites on the Internet).

Recognize problem situations identify locate and organize needed information or data.
Standards: English; Research and Technology
1.6 Develop presentations by using clear research questions and creative and critical research strategies (e.g., field studies, oral histories, interviews, experiments, electronic sources).






Month Skills Sophomores Instruction   Junior Instruction
April Computer Integrating Word, Excel, and Powerpoint   Understanding the Printer Settings on a Network
    Saving a Powerpoint Slide as a Graphic and adding the image to a Word Document Setting the Printer details on a network
Creating a Hyperlink between a Word document and a Powerpoint presentation The Emergency Recovery System
Saving a PowerPoint Slide as a Graphic and adding the image to a Word Document Creating and Using a Flobby for system recovery
  Configuation system and Autoexec.bat files
  Backing Up Data
  I/O address for the network
  Online collaboration
  Ways to Handle Conflict
  Negotiating skills
  Attending Meetings
  Technology in a Global Business
Academic Importance of Professional Resume building Early computer Development
  Format of a business letter Components of a Computer System
  Proper filing Software Applications
  Application forms.

Standards: Social Studies1. Describe the rise of industrial economies and their link to imperialism and colonial-ism (e.g., the role played by national security and strategic advantage; moral issues raised by the search for national hegemony, Social Darwinism, and the missionary impulse; material issues such as land, resources, and technology).

Standards: Social Studies;2. Analyze the international and domestic events, interests, and philosophies that prompted attacks on civil liberties, including the Palmer Raids, Marcus Garvey's "back-to-Africa" movement, the Ku Klux Klan, and immigration quotas and the responses of organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and the Anti-Defamation League to those attacks; English: 1.8 Integrate databases, graphics, and spreadsheets into word-processed documents.
Artificial Intelligence and Expert systems
Technology in the Global Information system
Computers in the Global Office





Month Skills Sophomores Instruction   Junior Instruction
May-June Computers Practice Ladders Test in Word Practice test for MOUS Certification
    Practice Ladders Test in Excel Practice test for Mouse Certification for Excel
Pass the Ladders test Multitasking DOS programs under Windows 98
Develop other documents in Powerpoint Who handles Multitasking?
  Multitasking Windows application in  Windows 98
  Switching Windows
  Expanded memory
  Better Resource sharing
  Develop a resume with Word and Excel
Academics Complete the Ladders test in Word   The Production Process
  Complete the Ladders test in Excel Operations of Management
Practice typing accuracy Production methods around the world
  Measuring Production Output
  Office Production
 Standards: Social Studies: 3. Explain imperialism from the perspective of the colonizers and the colonized and the varied immediate and long-term responses by the people under colonial rule.; English: 2.1 Write fictional, autobiographical, or biographical narratives:
a. Narrate a sequence of events and communicate their significance to the audience.
Standard; Social Studies. Examine the passage of the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution and the Volstead Act (Prohibition).
4. Analyze the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment and the changing role of women in society.
5. Describe the Harlem Renaissance and new trends in literature, music, and art, with special attention to the work of writers (e.g., Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes).
6. Trace the growth and effects of radio and movies and their role in the worldwide diffusion of popular culture
 2.3 Write reflective compositions:
a. Explore the significance of personal experiences, events, conditions, or concerns by using rhetorical strategies (e.g., narration, description, exposition, persuasion).
b. Draw comparisons between specific incidents and broader themes that illustrate the writer's important beliefs or generalizations about life.
c. Maintain a balance in describing individual incidents and relate those incidents to more general and abstract ideas.
The Stock market
  Investment Goals
  Investment Opportunities
  Investment Information Sources
   The Marketing Mix