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Final on Remote

WK 1 - August 13 and 14, 2015

Thursday - First Day of School -  Welcome Back - Bring paper and pencil or pen each day. Be prepared!

Class Rules

Stick Person Thinking Map

   An Example for your stick figure

Stick person 1                                My example

Stick person 2

Stick person 3

Stick person 4

Write down the items most important to you. Music, movies, who are you, what do you like to eat, what do you like to do, where do you like to go and any other item you feel we should know about you.

Just a reminder - Head sets! Please bring headsets if you can.

Participation - Your assignment- On paper - using a pen or pencil - explain the 3 top current events that have affected our lives in the last 6 months. NO computers just write this information in your own words.  You have 15 minutes. You should be able to fill a page with your own knowledge. See the questions below to know what you should be writing.

Questions that must be answered in your summary; 

1. What happen? Write in full sentence

2. When did this happen? Write in full sentence

3. How did this effect our government? Write in full sentence

4. How did this affect you? Write in full sentence

5. What resolution has come out of this problem? Write in full sentence

6. Conclusion.  Write in full sentence


Week 1 -  Day 1- August 13 and 14, 2015


Your Prompt questions? Why would globalization become an important part of our economic growth?

Please put your head sets on and watch and listen to this short video. If you need to watch the video more than once please do so. Write answers in full sentences.  Please answer the questions below: If any of the videos do not work please notify me.

What are some of the problems of globalization? Watch this video as I play them,  and answer these questions. 

Part 2: I will play these videos for you so we all stay on task!

Globalization Part 1

Answer these questions:

1. What is Globalization?

2. Why should students understand globalization?

3. What is meant by out sourcing?

4. Why is out sourcing an important problem inour global economic problems 

5. Why will people need to travel to really have a complete view of the world? 

6. Who was William Clinton?

7. Why is it important for people to properly to communicate with one another?

8. What is a virtual community? Why should everyone understand what virtual community mean?



Wk 1 - August  17,18,19, 20, 21, 2015


1. Participation - Soccer Hero's - Spain

2. Quick Quiz -

a. The meaning of Globalization

b. What is outsourcing?

c. What is mass media?

3. International Business Book:- Read together. 

Use separate paper and place in your notebook- Start at page 7- Get out our book - Read and answer questions on page 7, 1-2; read  pages 8- 12; Do page 9 - Think Critically 1-2; page 13 All questions on that page; Read pages 14 through 22. Answer questions on page 15; Think Critically 1-2; page 17 Think Critically 1-2; Do page 20 Think Critically 1-3; Questions on  page 21 - The complete page; Page 22 Global Refocus 1-3; Page 23 - The page, yes the whole page. Turn in your notebook or papers after class


Globalization Part 2:

Because our world is changing so quickly you must continuously be aware of events around the world.

1. Why is globalization of trade expanding. Why?

2. Why would the media misrepresent globalization?

3. Do you think the news was broadcasted correctly when Iran had a mini-revolution? 

4. Who funds the BBC? What is the BBC? 

5. Why is media not always fair about broadcasting information? Full sentences

6. Why would media be more inclined to support the government who is in power at the time?  Full sentences

7. Why is the internet an important aspect of today's media.? Full sentences

8. Do you think Twitter or Facebook is a good way for people to understand what is really going on in the world? Full sentences

9. Why does big business like to spin their tale about how they are helping people? Full sentences

10. Would you be a person who would document unbiased,  the media of important events in the world? Why would you or why would you not? Full sentences

11. What would be something that you would like to discuss and tell people your feelings. Something you feel strongly about.  Full sentences

12. Why would business links that the broadcasting companies control have a bias agenda's to make their sister companies sound better than they are. An example is that GE owns NBC. Do you think that GE would want the NBC news channel to not report problems that GE has caused various groups of people?  Full sentences

13. Do you think climate change important or should be in the media? Why or why not?  Full sentences

14. Do you think chemically changed food is important to understand? Have you ever heard about genetically altered food? Share what you heard. Full sentences

15. Do you have a viewpoint that you would like to PODCAST to other students? What would be your opinion? What subject? Why? Full sentences

16. Would you listen too or watch independent media? Full sentences

17. Have you ever heard of the FOX channel? Do you know who controls this station? What is the owners agenda for FOX news? Full sentences

18. Watching what the Italian police did to the independent media station how did that make you feel? Should this happen?  Full sentences

Globalization 3

1. This video opens and which country do they showcase? Full sentences 

2. How many hours could one factory worker be forced to work?

3. Why do people have to work in these sweat shops? Full sentences

4. Would you be in a job if you only got 2 days off a month? Full sentences

5. Why do the workers sleep at their sewing machines?  Full sentences

6. What is a production goal? Do you think a production goal is a fair way to monitor your staff? Full sentences

7. If your supervisor hit you or yelled at you constantly would you remain in this position? Full sentences

8. How much do the sewing employees and the cleaner employees make each month? Full sentences

9. Why are the woman fired at 35 years old?  Full sentences

10. Companies have gone overseas to the poorest of the poorest countries to use cheap labor. In America workers will not work for pennies. In America many Americans will not work in the fields to help feed our people. How do you feel about these working situations in other countries? Full sentences

11. This is part of out sourcing. Having another country complete a task not produced in the United States. How will out sourcing effect you in the future? Full sentences



Participation -


                a United States Map - I will hand out.

                        b. Write the names of the states on your USA map

                        c. NO INTERNET - Use your brains!

                        d. Ask your friends





























New Hampshire

New Jersey

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota







West Virginia






Complete the assignment on Spain

Complete the assignment in the International Business Book


Please come to the rally tonight in the QUAD.


Please go to the below web page.  Please review and answer questions below. Upload to Schoolloop.

Once we watch the movie then please do the Circle Think Map and answer the questions.  - Upload to Schoolloop  - Each one is separate.



Together - Friday - International Business Book:- Read together - Read pages - 27 - 31.  - Do the questions on page 27-Think Critically - 1; Complete ALL questions on page 31 - Review Global Business Terms; Review Global Business Concepts; Solve Global Business Problems; Think Critically; Read from 31 - 35. - your book - page 32 -35. Complete page 35; Review Global Business Terms - 1-4; Review Global Business Concepts - 5, 6, 7; Solve Global Business Problems-8, 9. 10, 11; Think Critically 12, 13;




Week 2 - Tuesday - August 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 - 2015

Levi Stadium ! Who's going!

Who wants to help at Back to School Night for Credit? 2015

Questions for this short movie  - Upload to Schoolloop

1. If the price goes down, why would the demand for that product go up? Explain

2. Please explain what the substitution effect.

3. Please explain Income Effect?

4. How does the theory of suply and demand affect your buying power and your budget? Explain.

1. Participation Points - -Business mergers.  Upload to Schoolloop

Supply and Demand with Excel Chart making.  Upload to Schoolloop

Does Supply and Demand interest you? Here is additional information for your review. 

 Supply and demand more detailed. 



Who wants to help at Back to School Night for Credit? 2015

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Supply and Demand and the UFW



Who wants to help at Back to School Night for Credit? 2015


Week 3-  August 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 2015


Participation Points - Synonyms (Due in today)

We will watch the video below together. This is from page 30-35 in your International Business Book.

Review of Supply and demand

Using the World Wide WEB Research a period in History when a country any country experienced a period of extremely high inflation.

1. Where and when did this period of inflation occur?

2. What were the causes of the inflation?

3. What measures were taken to end the period of extreme inflation?

4. Did that country later experience another period of extreme inflation?

You must cite your research area. Please use more than 1 site to make you your information is informative. Do not copy and paste use your own words. Upload to Schoolloop (Due in August 28th, 2015)

Please click to following link to display your essential question for the week. Upload to Schoolloop (Due in August 31th, 2015)



Go to

Sign up for a google account thru the PVUSD sites

Supply and Demand and the UFW


Work on your weekly work



Participation Questions and Points -

The factors of International Business- Read in Class

In class - Read pages 36 Do page 37 question 2; page 39 - question 1 and 2;  page 41 - Question 1 - 14; Read 41 - 44; complete questions page 42 - 1 and 2; page 44 - 1 - 14.

Go to the top


Week 4 (BC) Assignments - September 1, 2, 3, 4,  2015

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Supply and Demand and PIZZA!


Test on the following vocabulary words    

1. Natural Resources

2. Capital Resources

3. scarcity

4. Shortage

5. Demand

6. surplus


Wednesday - 

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Economic Cost of Terriorism



DUE - Review assignment due  September 22th, 2015

We are developing a CAKEPOPs factory. We will be trying to mass produce CAKEPOPs to sell to a vast market. Here is our problem. We have 25 people who are extremely hungry and are craving CAKEPOPs. But we only have enough for 7 people. If you were the person who was in charge of alleviating the CAKEPOP shortage, how would you feed every person?  What would be some of your alternatives to giving a full CAKEPOPs to all? Write a short essay, with out saying I will kill everyone but 7 students. Please be logical and ethical. You will have 15 minutes to complete. 

The problem


Week 5 - September off on the 7th - 8, 9, 10, 11, 2015

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Levi stadium Tickets!!!!

Team Building

Challenge Day



Participation - On the Attacks on America and the effects. 


Waterpolo helo Tonight!

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Levi stadium Tickets!!!!

Team Building

Challenge Day

DUE - Review assignment due  September 22th, 2015

Please watch this if you want more information on 911 - This is not mandatory but it is an excellant informational piece.

This is a video on the 9/11 from CNN what happen and how they broadcasted that day


What really went wrong with 9/11 - This will be due in on Friday Please read and complete


NBC News stories

Make a Bubble Map of the various aspects of this video.

Bubble Map

The movie is about various religions

Make a Bubble Map and tell me everything you know NOW about the Christian Religion.

Bubble Map


Week 6- BC Assignment - September 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 2015

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Levi stadium Tickets!!!!


DUE - Review assignment due  September 22th, 2015

Fahrenheit 911 Movie.

Please save this document to WORD answer the questions and upload to Schoolloop - Wk6 911



DUE - Review assignment due  September 22th, 2015

Historical  look at religion and wars.



DUE - Review assignment due  September 22th, 2015

Participation - Movie Review - What are the pro's and con's of this video - 7 Billion and counting.   Please make a T chart

You should insert a text box for PROs and Cons; Please display no less than 4 Pros and CONS.

Upload to Schoolloop - Wk6 Pros and Cons


World Population - All the data for this assignment. The assignment below - How Many people can fit in this sphere - can be research with the information I have given you in World Population.


How many people can fit in this sphere?  Down load this sheet to word. Save this document. Fill in the information. Save the document again. Upload to schoolloop - Wk 6 How Many people?


Population and the World - Download - SAVE - Complete - Upload to Schoolloop - Wk 6 - Population of the World



Week 7 - Sept 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 2015



1. - Participation Time: Cultural and Gossip on an international level.

DUE - Review assignment due  September 22th, 2015

Team Building

Challenge Day

2. Watch movie Markets without Borders


 Questions for the Movie



DUE - Review assignment due  September 22, 2015



DUE - Review assignment due  September 22th, 2015

Team Building

Challenge Day

The other side of Outsourcing.

Week 7_outsourcing


Week 8 - September 28, 29, 30, October 1, 2, 2015

Participation - Find a map of Europe. Pick 6 countries in Europe. On an EXCEL spread sheet list the natural resources of that country. Upload Schoolloop - Wk 8- Natural Resources.

Country Natural Resources Natural Resources Natural Resources
United Kingdom Coal Silver Oil

International Business Book - Let's read page 45 to 54. Complete page 50 - Think Critically; page 51;  1- 16  - Upload to Schoolloop - Wk8 - International Business book



* Let's watch this movie on GDP.

Come up with a list of factors that measure a society or individual’s quality of life, but cannot be measured by GDP? Some factors may be: the value of leisure or vacation time, trading or bartering goods and services, etc. Please explain your view point.

International Business Book - Read - Page 52 - Complete Page 53 till 54; Problems 1-30 and upload to Schoolloop - Wk 8 Page 52 International Business Book.



Week 9 - October 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 2015


We will watch this movie twice. Let's pay attention to the interesting discussion on GDP.

Using a Circle GRAPH please show a circle flow map for the GDP explanation.

Once we watch the movie then please do the Circle Think Map

Upload your movie answers to Schoolloop - WK 9 - Cspan movie

4. Choose 3 countries to research, one of which should be the United States. Conduct your own research  Please see links below to help you.



Data should include numbers and percentages from the economic indicators. Please do you research on WORD.

These statement questions should be incorporated into your research are:

1. Is Gross Domestic Product an accurate measure of economic health for a society? Explain your answers for all three countries and why you felt that way.

What indicators are you examining that such your conclusion.

2. Does your countries have a large real GDP per person? This might not necessarily show a high level of economic welfare because it may have, 

environmental problems, little leisure time, very little political freedom. What does your research show for your countries. Explain your answers with your research. Please cite your research.

Upload your research on 3 countries and up to Schoolloop - Wk 9- Research my countries.





Review - GDP Power point


GDP other countries worth and ours.




The GDP of various Countries

Understanding the GDP




Week 10 October  12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 2015


September 28, 2011 3:27 pm
The median household income adjusted for inflation fell by 6.4 percent to $49,445 in 2010 from $52,823 in 2007. This graph is a look at the change in median income before and after the recession for different groups.


GDP completion of our lessons






Work on any work you have not completed for this Quarter.









GDP Week 10






Week 11 October 19, 20, 21, 22. 23, 2015


GDP and the Economic Indictors. 






Analyze the Article

Read the Article on Migrant Crisis

1. Summarize the article's central idea.

2. What is the author's purpose in sharing the anecdote about 15 year old Ali - the first four paragraphs of the articles?

3. Why do you think many people, like Malta's Rime Minister Joseph Muscat, say that Europe must "act as a team" to address the refugee crisis?

4. Use context clues in the article to distinguish between "migrants" and "refugees" - Compare and contrast - Please make inferences.

5. What evidence does the author provide to support the claim that "there's a growing reluctance among European leaders to accept new comers?"


Upload to Schooloop - Wk 11-Wednesday - Upfront.





Your analysis of the Economic Forecast for your Client.




Week 12 - October 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 2015


Review Your Economic Forecast


Your analysis of the Economic Forecast for your Client.


Pros and Cons



International Business Book

page 117 - 118- Answer - Think Critically on page 118 Upload to Schoolloop - Wk12-Wednesday



Pros and Cons


Outline set up



***Week 13 - November 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 2015




Pros and Cons


Watch the Video Gallery for information that pertains to our research.

* 60 minutes on Corporate Taxes

* Buffet on Corporate Taxes

* Eliminate corporate tax

* Corporate Tax cuts


Use these videos as part of your research. Use footnotes to anecdote these videos for positions.






Looking at this graph explain and analyze this graph. Please upload to Schoolloop Wk 13-Graph




Pros and Cons


Complete the Pro and Con assignment due in completely.


Part 1- Graph Analyze - Please look at this chart. Please explain what does this chart represent. How does these figures affect you? Does it affect you? Upload to Schoolloop - Wk 13-Friday


Part 2- Graph Analyze -  Please look at this chart. Please explain what does this chart represent. How does these figures affect you? Does it affect you? Upload to Schoolloop - Wk 13-Friday-Graph2


Part 3- Analyze this graph - Please look at this chart. Please explain what does this chart represent. How does these figures affect you? Does it affect you? Upload to Schoolloop - Wk 13_-Graph3


Make a difference Video


What is your opinion?

How do you feel about the overall view points? Please write a detail analysis about this short movie. Is it pro capitalism? Is it not for capitalism? What is your opinion?

Unload to Schoolloop to Wk13 - Difference Video





Week 14 November  9. 10. 11. 12. 13., 2015




Corporations.  Upload to Schoolloop - See inside





Corporations. - Upload to Schoolloop - See inside


Juniors this is when your maturity must shine. I want this work completed.


Complete the Corporation assignment - Please do not Mickey Mouse this assignment. You can see the RUBRIC. I want a serious discussion and analysis of a corporation that exhibit  true Social Responsibility.

International Business Book

READ - page 113 - 119

Complete page 113 - 1 and 2 only

Complete page 120 - Review Global Business terms - 1 thru 12

Complete pager 120 - Review Global business Concepts - 13 - 16

Complete solve Global business Problems - 17 thru 20

Complete Think Critically - 21 thru 23




Week 15 - November 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 2015


Corporations and Ethics.


Wednesday November 18th I am on the FDIM field trip.

Math assignment is on the table. Please  complete today and turn in or get a ZERO__

Assignment 1                 Assignment 3                        

Assignment 2                Assignment 4



Culture and Discrimination though out the world

International Business Book

Read pages 292, 293, - Answer the Questions on page 293 - Think Critically 1, 2, 3. Write in full sentences. Save your document. Up load to Schoolloop to the assignment - International Business Book - Wednesday- Wk15



Week 16 - Nov 23 - 24, 2015 off for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Homework on Desk.

Food from around the World.

What is your opinion about the various foods sold in fast food restaurants around the world. Write your opinions? What items interested you? Upload to Schoolloop. Wk16-Fast foods

What is your opinion about etiquette in various countries? What would be a mistake that you would likely to do in another country? Upload your opinion with the above segment - Wk16-Fast foods


Culture Report


Week 17 - November 30 - Dec 1, 2, 3, 4 2015

Your Thanksgiving Homework

International Business Book

Read together page 67-72 -

Answer questions on page 69 - Critical Business 1 and 2

page 72 - Answer questions - Think Critically 1 and 2

page 73 - 1-10 - Please answer and complete

No one is like me!



WE should be on the field trip but if you are not here is your work!




About Cultural differences

1. Does culture define us? Explain

2. Are we really different? Explain.

3. What is your personal definition of Cultures? Explain

4. How do you make excuses for yourself in your culture? What do you tell people when you are late? Explain

5. What are some of your human values? As standing up when a woman comes into a room and comes to your table. What would be a human value that are important to you. Please explain 5.

Rubric for your final Powerpoint



Week 18 - Week 18 December 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 2015

Culture and the world - Schoolloop - Wk18 - Take it to the WEB.

Culture Report



Culture Report



Culture Report

Christmas Home work



Week 19 - Dec14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 2015


Culture Report

Winter Finals Schedule






Japanese Culture

Cultural Awareness for Arabs.


About Culture and our World


Participation - Supply and Demand song - Write a paragraph explaining in your own words what supply and demand is!


 - Supply and Demand Question - Milk - Prickles and Eggs!


Excel and Supply and Demand

 Seal Culture -



Go to Google Classroom and go to the following site -



The Exchange rate and money of other countries.


The Test

Supply and Demand - Hula Hoop

DUE - Review assignment due  Friday!

1. - Participation Points: Bingo 1st Chapter and other exciting Vocabulary Words

Participation Points. - Cultural Situations

Assignment- Turn in October 31, 2014


International Influence.



Show the Movie - Capitalism A Love Story

Capitalism a Love Story





Participation Credits - Your rights and items banned!






Every assignment must be uploaded to schoolloop - EXCEPT for the reading assignment.


Lessons on Capitalism Change both these assignment it was only because Halloween landed on this day. Too easy!


Why are people poor if there is capitalism?





John Oliver - Video on the Gap between the Rich and Poor


Participation Credits:- Saudi Arabia and woman driving? Cultural differences.

Why we fight? The Video


Give out the hand out on - "Why We Fight?"





Participation Credits

Participation - Different Country Labels

Here are the maps. Please click on and COPY! Do NOT 

print out

Asia Map

European Map

South American Map

World Map

African Map





(Currency Introduction 1 - Video - FLV)


Watch this video - Currency - AVI


Trading and the European Union


Participation - The World of Ice Cream! 


Assignment 2 - Shopping in the world market


How will we score your Business Report