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Key Responsibilities

Work Information

Each week you will be given assignments. These assignments MUST be turned in by the following Monday. I will check your work into my grade book on that day. If you do not have your work done you will receive a Saturday school.

The only way to be successful in life is to have a

A BEGINNING (You get your assignment)

A MIDDLE (You work on your assignments daily)

AN END (You finish your work and turn it in)

You just need to utilize your time properly.

 Each Monday I give you an assignment

2. You will have time during class to work on your assignments.

3. Please no CHAT lines

4. Please ask questions about problems or work if you are confused.

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Key responsibilities

The Class rules:

The 11 Commandments

1. No hitting another person – Keep your hands and feet to yourself

2. No yelling in class

3. No cursing in class

4. No racist or sexist statements made in class – No slurs or jokes – NOT FUNNY!

5. No taking other people’s belongings

6. No eating in class, unless you have enough for the whole class.

7. Do not interrupt, raise your hand or wait your turn.

8. Ask permission to l eave the class – Ask permission to use the restroom.

9. Be a good citizen – Be polite say, Thank you or Your Welcome.

10. Don’t sit on the tables

11. If you move something or take anything out put it away.


Filesanywhere.com is a file storage area. Please click the left side tag, "Filesanywhere.com" for further information.

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Contact Information

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Office phone

728.6890, room 603, extension 1603

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Weekly Assignments

Please look on the left side for Weekly assignments.


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Room 131#

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