Lalo Castro

P.O. Box 57

Freedom Ca.


Phone (831) 722- 9542



Transfer to a 4-year college in 1999. Eventually wish to create computational models of biological phenomena


1996 Current Cabrillo College Aptos, Ca

1989 1993 Aptos High School Aptos, Ca

High School Degree

Work experience

1995 1997 Ramsay Park Rec. Center Watsonville, CA

Computer Lab Recreational Leader

         Created programs for children to learn how to use computers.

         Taught Windows 95 to Watsonville community.

         Instituted rules for use of Internet, proper use of computers, and scheduling for use of the computer lab.

         Trouble-shooting PC computers, should the need arise ( and it did ) .

         Running a beaurucratic jewel.

         Paper work included: Creating contracts for Internet agreements.

         Filing Internet Agreements, Childrens records, Use of Computer lab, Records of Purchases, Receipts, Accounting of monthly budget. Records of which child has used which computers, database of children, internet agreements,

         What else that pertains to filing, etc.

1997 Current Soquel Elem. School Dist. Capitola, Ca

Instructional Aide / Computer Aide

New Brighton Middle School

         Work with teachers to create programs for the children to use the computer lab time wisely.

         Use Macintosh computers.

         Instituted rules for use of Internet, Proper use of computers, and scheduling for use, both educational and recreational, of the computer lab.

         Maintain databases of children for purposes of insuring that those children have signed the Internet agreement, keeping records on children to maintain educational database for use of teachers, so they can see what their students have done.

         Technology coordinator for New Brighton Middle School. I make sure the teachers computers are up and running, and am responsible for the teaching of the teachers in matters relating to technology.

         Be available for teachers use to help monitor, trouble-shoot, answer questions, and work with the children.

1993 1995 ClearWay Tofu Corralitos, Ca

Tofu Apprentice

     Prepared whey for handling.

     Pressed Tofu.

     Sanitation and general cleaning duties.

     Oversaw Tofu Packaging and marketing personally.

     Ran Tofu production for Master Tofu-man.