Lalo Ernesto Castro

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Today is July 3rd, 2013 and soon it will be 10 years that my beloved Lalo is gone from this earth. Could there ever be a day I do not cry for him? Could there ever be a day that will make me fill whole? I know that until I also die I will cry for beloved.

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Lalo E. Castro was a 1993 graduate of Aptos High School. He worked making tofu, was a dishwasher, worked teaching computers for City of Watsonville, worked at New Brighton Middle school, for the County Office of Education in Capitola as a computer tech, and at UCSC as the computer programmer analyst for the Mc Henry Library. He loved the experience with staff and students in all his positions.

Here is a short biography. On November 23th, 2004 a man with a heart of gold and a mind that had knowledge far beyond his 28 years passed on to the heavens; he could not of gone anywhere else. Lalo Ernesto Castro was born December 31, 1975 in Watsonville, California. From the second he was born he gave joy to all who saw him and knew him. Lalo never had a mean word to say about anyone. He was loyal and true of heart. At the age of 3 years old he would slowly turn the pages of a phone book absorbing all the words and slowly learning how to read. He started kindergarten when he was only 4 years old and was in the GATE class for the gifted. Lalo was a reader, a reader of thousands of books that he would read more than once. Lalo was also a writer, who one day wanted to be published. Lalo had journals with inventions he wanted to invent like the steam engine microwave. He attended Bradley School, Aptos Junior, Aptos High School, Cabrillo College and UCSC.

His friends were all from different backgrounds and intellectual levels. His best friend since he was 4 was Marc Dooling. Every night they watched the Simpson’s with out fail. The love of his life, his soul mate, and his partner in life was RoseMary Dooling. You did not need to see the couple; you could hear the laughter miles away. And they laughed and bounced off intellectual banter that made people all around them giggle and smile. She brought pure joy into his life. His mother Barbara and his father Richard loved him but than no one could not love Lalo. He loved his sisters Shanandrea and Suncere with out question and with a sweetness that they will always remember. Lalo loved his brother in law Matthew Douglas, his grand parents David and Julie Castro, his favorite uncle, Raul; his two cousins, who he thought as brothers, Jody and Jason. His extended family of spiritual brothers, Josh Hesson, John Diaz, Josh Baldwin, Rojelio Dakiwag and Christopher Dakiwag.

His favorite books were Illuminatus Trilogy, Schrodingers Cat, Finnegans Wake, Neuromancer, Cerebus, The Watchmen and the Book of Cheese. His favorite TV shows was Ren & Stimpy, Simpsons, Bakerfield P.D, Manimal, and Mr. Show. He will always be missed.

Lalo wanted to be a published writer and wrote daily. He has many journals from his Aptos High School days up until days before his death. He enjoyed helping youth and could relate to a varied population of youth. One subject that he wrote about was “What I learned from horror movies”?

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