Economics of Marketing - Global Business - International Business

Course Syllabus

Instructor:       Barbara Castro

Email address:

Cell Phone:      831.239.7258


Your grades in this course will depend to varying degrees upon several aspects of your work. The specific breakdown is as follows:

  • Exams (20%) There will be two exams given: one around mid-semester and one during the final exam period. Any material covered in lectures or the reading is fair game. The final will be cumulative, but the emphasis will be on material covered online either in discussions or in readings after the midterm.
  • Warm-up (20%) Participation assignment daily.
  • Quizzes (10%) There will be several pre-announced short quizzes during the year
  • Homework/and or Classwork (50%) You will be expected to complete assignments on line when given.
  • There will be an attendance policy

Iím happy to explain my grading practices and policies to anyone who is concerned about their standing in the class.

  • I will work as hard as possible to ensure that the grades I assign fairly represent each studentís demonstrated mastery of the course material.
  • I will not assign grades of A or F unless I feel that they have been explicitly earned. That is, I do not guarantee that a student will get an A simply by achieving the highest average. Nor do I necessarily assign an F to the student who happens to end the semester with the lowest average.

Attendance Policy

Students who actively participate in class work tend to earn better grades on both coursework and exams. They read or listen to the important announcements, experience the material as it is presented, and pick up the various hints and pointers I provide along the way during online discussion. Regular participation in class work is the best way to help yourself succeed in the course.


I am happy to assist students throughout the semester, but I cannot learn the material for you. You must first take the initiative and do what you can to help yourself. If you have not been attending  class work, discussions regularly, or tutorials and come to email me seeking help, do not be surprised if my first suggestion that you attend discussions with your fellow students or complete work in class.

Academic Integrity

In this course you will be expected to do your own work. All work which you submit and/or display as your own original work must in fact be your own original work. If any portion of the work which you do for this course is an exact same or derivation of the original work of another, it is your responsibility to obtain the creatorís permission to utilize his or her work and indicate the extent of the creatorís contribution to your work.

You cannot use material that will infringe copyright laws A grade of an F will be submitted if rules are not followed

Online Interaction:


You are expected to act as a good citizen when on the network and when you are in any form of discussion with your fellow classmates. Please use your common sense along with good taste when you communicate with your classmates. There could be penalties if you fail to abide by these rules. No abiding by these rules can range from a zero scores on your assignments to failure of the course.

Please also note, as a class area you are expected to have a discussion with other classmates on line. Please remember that what you say in public communication, the internet is what you would say face to face. All students who post should be aware that staff does monitor all post. (Principals, Vice Principals, Security) All post should only be the person logged into the WEB page. You cannot fake who you are when you post.


Technical Requirements:


Links you want to use or experiment with:


Embed means you use information or media from one site and you plant it (embed it) in another site. You can show a video hosted on YouTube on your wiki or blog, without the user having to click over to You Tube. Watch the tutorial to learn how to embed media for a variety of tools (


Other technical information you may want to investigate

Google tools

         * Google Maps -- especially great for embedding in wikis

         Google Reader -- reads blogs or anything with an RSS feed

         * Google Calendar -- good for personal organization, is publishable, and can be embedded in other sites

         Gmail-- it's probably more powerful than the email program you are using

         iGoogle -- a basic web start page. It's a nice way to see lots of web tools in one place. I use a to-do list on this to keep me on track.

         * Google Docs -- online word processing, particularly powerful in that multiple users can edit a document simultaneously

Class Rules

Work information*****Contact Information*******Key Responsibilities

Work Information Each day you will be given assignments

The only way to be successful in life is to have a

A BEGINNING (You get your assignment)

A MIDDLE (You work on your assignments daily)

AN END (You finish your work and turn it in)

You just need to utilize your time properly.

 1. Each day I will give you an assignment

2. You will have time during class to work on your assignments.

3. Please ask questions about problems or work if you are confused.

The Class rules: The 15 Commandments

1. No hitting another person – Keep your hands and feet to yourself

2. No yelling in class

3. No cursing in class

4. No racist or sexist statements made in class – No slurs or jokes – NOT FUNNY! If you say the "N" word that depicts people of African American origins you will lose your lunch period! 

5. No taking other people’s belongings. I will notify the police. 

6. No eating in class, unless you have enough for the whole class.

7. Do not interrupt, raise your hand or wait your turn. During discussion, respect other students' comments, opinions and ideas. When possible, make statements like, "I agree with Jose, and I also feel that....." or "I disagree with Sara. She made a good point but I feel....."

8. Ask permission to leave the class – Ask permission to use the restroom. We have a pass; make sure you take the pass with you at all times. Otherwise, you will lose your bathroom privileges for a month. If you send longer than 10 minutes going to the bathroom you will lose your bath privileges for a month. 

9. Be a good citizen – Be polite say, Thank you or Your Welcome. If you win do not brag and if you lose do not get angry. 

10. Don’t sit on the tables and do not lean back on the chairs. I would like your brains to stay inside your head. 

11. If you move something or take anything out put it away.

12. Do not eat by my computers - No CD's never-ever place a CD in my CD drive. If you do I own your CD. The second time you place a CD in my drive you will be sent out. Do not ever move a mouse or change anything on the computers. If you do your OUT!  

13. Each chair and table has a bootie for floor protection. You must make sure that each seat bootie is on when you leave. 

14. Now as many of you know the dress code has changed. Please save me the time and energy. Please follow the dress code so I do not have to send you to the office. PLEASE. No hats in class.

15.  No head sets in your ears when I am giving a lecture. No phones out, EVER. No texting. If you take your phone out I will take the phone away from you for a WEEK! 

16. Surprise others by performing random acts of kindness. Go out of your way to do something surprisingly kind and generous for someone at least once a month. 

Items for Class:

1. You will need a binder or a notebook for your weekly notes. If you do not bring your binder or notebook each day for class you will have detention. 

2. We have a warm up exercise each day in the beginning of the class. This will be counted as 20% of your overall grade. This will occur the first 10 minutes of each class. Therefore, if you are late for class you will lose your participation warm up exercise points. 

3. You must bring a pencil or pen each day. If you come without a pen or pencil you will have detention. 


If you are late 1st or 2nd period you will have NO break. 

If you are late 3rd or 4th period - You will lose 15 minutes of your lunch period. 

If you are late 5th or 6th period - You will be detained 15 minutes after school!


If you have more than 7 cuts I will discuss with you that I can fail you due to cuts. If we make a contract and you do not cut I will allow you to PERHAPS, turn in your work for credit. 

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