Movie Maker Directions

How to Create a Folder

1. Right click with the mouse on the desktop

2. Choose New and Folder

3. Type both partners name and press enter. Please instruct them not to name their folders anything else, but their names

How to Search for and Save Pictures

15. Click on the icon Internet Explorer

16. Type in in the address bar

17. Click images in the top left corner to change to an image search

18. Type in a description of the picture you are looking for.

19. Browse page to find images. Instruct the students to look at the number under the picture that is followed by the letter k. This number needs to be larger than 30k. If it is not, the pictures will appear blurry in the movie. The larger the number the better.

20. Click on a desired picture

21. Click on See full-size image

22. Right click in the center of the picture

23. Click save picture as

24. Click Desktop

25. Click on students folder

26. Click on File name and rename picture with a descriptive title

27. Click save

28. Use the back arrow button to return image

Opening Movie Maker and Saving Project

9. Click on the Start tab on the desktop

10. Click on Windows Movie Maker to open program

11. Click File

12. Click Save Project As

13. Click desktop

14. Click on (students name) folder

15. Click on File name and type in both partners names

16. Click Save

Importing Images and Inserting Images

7. On the left side under Capture Video click Import Pictures

8. Click desktop

9. Click (students names) folder

10. Highlight all the pictures by putting the cursor to the right and below all the pictures, click, drag to the left and up to highlight all, let go and click Import

11. Make sure the screen is in Storyboard view. If it is not click on show storyboard in the middle of the screen. In storyboard view you should see a series of boxes towards the bottom of the screen.

12. Click and drag pictures into the large boxes in the desired order. If you decide you donít want a picture right click and delete it.

Adding Effects

4. Under Edit Movie click View Video Effects

5. Browse through video effects clip; double click to view the effect


6. Choose an effect and click and drag the effect into the little box with the star in it. The star will turn blue when the effect has been successfully added. Add an effect to each picture.

Adding Transitions

4. Under Edit Movie click View Video Transitions

5. Browse through video transitions; double click to view

6. Choose a transition and click and drag into the smaller boxes between the pictures. Choose a transition to insert between each picture.

Adding Titles

6. Under Edit Movie click Make Titles or Credits

7. Choose Add title at the beginning of the movie

8. Type desired title. To change font and background color click change text font and color. Click the arrow under font and choose a font. To change color, click on the box under color and choose a color, click ok.

9. Click Done, add title to movie.

10. Click Make Titles and Credits to add more titles. Read from the title choices and add titles where desired throughout the movie. Remind the students that they will need titles throughout their movie not just at the beginning and the end.

Importing Audio

1. On the left side under Capture Video click Import Audio or Music

2. Select where you want to import the music file from i.e. my music

3. Select a song and click import

4. Click and drag the music track into the audio/music row

5. If the song is too long drag your cursor to the end until you see a double red arrow and click and drag longer or shorter

6. If your song is too short for your movie you can drag the music clip in again

Recording Narrative

1. Plug microphone into microphone jack

2. Check to make sure volume is turned up

3. Click on microphone icon on the tool bar and tap mic to test it

4. To record click Start Narration and start speaking

5. Click stop narration when you are finished

6. The Save As box will automatically pop up when you stop, save audio in your folder

7. Import audio clip into your project and drag into audio row

8. To trim, click on the audio clip in the timeline, move cursor to either end until you see a double-sided red arrow and drag in or out.

Saving Projects as a Movie File

1. Once the movie is done select file, save movie file

2. Select my computer

3. Enter a file name

4. Browse to select a location to save your file

5. Select ok, next

6. Make sure best quality for playback on my computer is selected, next

7. Once the project has been converted, close out.

8. Open the file or folder where you saved your movie and copy and paste it to a flash drive or a server.