ABC GAME: Group members can sit in any formation (preferably a circle).  The first person starts by making up a name for him/her self, that begins with the letter “A.”  Then the person must make up a place for where he/she lives that begins with the letter “A.”  Lastly, the person makes up something he/she would like to sell, that begins with the letter “A.”  The second person does the same with the letter “B.”  The game continues in the same pattern.  Game is completed at the end of the alphabet.  NOTE: A variation would be to make it a memorization game where the second person would have to repeat what the first person said, and then add their own, and so on...

ALL ABOARD: The object of the game is to get all of the people in the group onto the board.  (Can either use a poster board or a wood board, etc.)  Everyone must have at least one foot on the board.  HINT: Try not to give solutions, but tell them to listen to other’s ideas.  You may enlarge or decrease the size of the board, depending on degree of challenge you would like

Three Questions Game

•Everyone in the group writes down 3 provoking questions they would like to ask others in the group.

Not the normal “what’s you name” type questions but something like, "Where is the most interesting

place you have ever traveled" or "Name a topic you feel absolutely passionate about".

•Give them time to mingle, and to ask three different people in the group one of their three questions.

•Get back together and have each person stand and give their name. As they say their name, ask the

group to tell what they know about this person.