This lesson has 4 things to do!

a. Family Tree - using

b. Lesson 2: Creating Timelines of our Biographical Information

c. Lesson 3:Click to see how to do Google Earth for this assignment.

d. Upload and name files to your WIKISPACEs

Using the information from the previous lesson, You will go to the website,,

In this unit, you will learn more about your own histories by creating family trees, using on-line tools such as, an on-line timeline maker, and Google Earth along with other applications like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. You will upload the entire document to WIKIspaces. 

You will first create a "web" using, where you will provide your time and location of birth, where you currently attend school, as well as finding out where and when your parents were born and where you went to school at their age.  You will then create an initial timeline making tool on-line and then refine your timelines using Microsoft Word, adding pictures and details.  Next, you will use Google Earth to flag the areas where you and  your parents were born and attended schools. You will make sure to save this information. You can even add scanned photographs.  Then, you will use your Microsoft Word timelines to hyperlink these locations.  Finally you will create a PowerPoint presentation to show your classmates and families what you found out and learned through your investigations.  You will develop a rubric together so that they can agree upon expected outcomes.


It is important for You  to see that you are a part of history.  By literally putting your selves "on the map," you will gain a better perspective about how events are tied together to tell a story.  After all, that is what history is all about.  It is also important for you to find out about your own histories and backgrounds.  Once you start asking your parents some questions, you will probably want to know more about the history of your families. 


You will be able to sequence a series of events on a time-line.

You will be able to use Google Earth to find and flag different locations and calculate distances from one point to another.

You will practice organizing their data using on-line mapping tools.

You will practice sharing their histories with others by uploaded to your WIKI.




Websites Used - An on-line mind mapping brainstorming tool, where students can create webs and export them as jpeg files. - Link to downloadable application, Google Earth.  Students can flag/mark locations, add pictures, and save them as .tmz files.  Students can also measure distances from one point to another. - Link to Google Earth User Guide. - A basic on-line timeline generator. - An on-line tutorial of how to create a timeline using Microsoft Word - An on-line tool to help create rubrics.


Lesson 1:

Go to

1. Go to HELP!

2. Click Getting Started.

3. Read the directions

4. You will need to know - Where parents born; Where they grew up; Where they went to school; any other information as grandparents or other important people in your life; Sisters and brother birth dates;

5. Save this as your WIKI and name it



Lesson 1: Webbing out our Biographical Information

Prior to this lesson, you should have acquired information from your parents about the times and places of birth and where parents attended school when they were your age.  You should also collect photographs of these events, if available. 

You will go to the website,, where you will map out when and where you were born, where you now attend school, when and where your parents were born, and where they attended school.  You will export these files as .jpeg images, print them out, and then bring them home to fact check with your parents.

Lesson 2: Fill out information

Generate time line

Make sure you save and upload 1 of these timelines to your WIKI. Name this assignment Timeline

Lesson 2: Creating Timelines of our Biographical Information

Using the information from the previous lesson, You will go to the website,, where you can plug in your information and create basic timelines that include all of the information you have gathered.  (You can pick either vertical or horizontal time lines. This is up to you) Once you have finished, you should buddy up and fact-check with a partner, making sure the events are sequenced correctly and accurately.  

Afterwards, I will model for you how to transfer the information you have on your basic timelines to a more detailed timeline using Microsoft Word. You will also add photos to your timeline.  You should save all of your work in a My Family Tree Folder.  You can use a scanner to scan these photos onto the server or flash drives, so that you can be added onto the timelines.

You can also add other significant events to their timelines,

Make sure you save your work!

With your work inside “My Family Tree” folder you can link those pages to your work documents and/or copy and paste into your Word Document to be placed on your WIKI.

Lesson 3:

Click to see how to do Google Earth for this assignment.

Places you MUST have on your Google slides - upload to your WIKI - or place on WORD and then upload to your WIKI.

1. Where were you born?

2. Where were your parents born?

3. Where do you live now?

4. If you could choose any country or place in the world to live where would you like to live?

5. What is the distance from where you were born and where you live now? Look at the tutorial below to understand what I would like you to do:

6. What is the distance from where your parents were born and where they live now. (See below for videos B)

7. Where is the Amazon Rainforest. Please have a "print-screen" of the rainforest.

Please save this lesson on Google Maps as "Google Maps"

Lesson 3: Using Google Earth

Using the information from the previous assignment, you will use Google Earth to add place marks of their biographical information.  You will learn how to search for locations by entering the city and state or city and country of each location. 

You will save these places in their My Family Tree Folder.  You will draw lines and measure the distances from one point to another, using the Ruler feature in Google Earth.  You will use the grid feature to find the latitude and longitude of these place marks.  If photos are available, you can add an image to your place marks. 

Lesson 4 - Do you have everything?

1. Make sure you have your - Flowchart of your family

2. Did you make your time lines from the WORD program or

3. Did you complete the QUESTIONS for Google.Earth? All 7 questions must be placed on your WIKI.